Our GDW Live service allows you to track your assets’ (inspectors/drivers/field personnel/etc.) locations on top of custom maps. The custom map can display your geographic data (points, areas, etc.), allowing you to get real time proximity updates for a driver near a customer, landmark, point of interest or zone.

real time global location sharing

In addition to live tracking on top of custom base maps, we provide the easiest way to quickly deploy real time location tracking. No need to purchase and distribute hardware to your remote people. Quickly create public or private ‘events’ for your field personnel to join and exit as needed.

Get the app free on the Google Play store
View the live map athttps://Live.GeoData.Works

two driver simulation at 4x speed

Track one or multiple people on top of basic or custom maps. See and show where everyone is in relation to pre-defined areas or location points.

All “events” are publicly viewable. Hidden and Private events or dashboards, and custom base maps, are available. GDW Live is an exciting new product we are offering for tracking real time location of your

assets, workforce, drivers, racers, surveyors,

Try it free today. Install the app on your android phone, click Start Sharing Location and choose one of our public events and view at live.geodata.works

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