GeoDataWorks provides the simplest and most affordable option for your fleet tracking needs.  By simply using drivers’ mobile devices* and downloading the free app, you are able to get up and running in no time and potentially with no out of pocket costs.

The other fleet tracking options in the market require both specialized hardware and extended service commitments.  The dashboards they provide have limited customization options and attempt to sell you on features, like vehicle diagnostics, that most don’t need. 

We offer full customization options, and even advanced GIS, that can all be used to create a tailored fleet tracking system for your business.

Some of the unique options we offer include:

  • Multi-driver tracking with privacy options for your fleet
  • Public or private web map dashboards
  • Full base map customization
  • Advance GIS – take an existing set of data, publicly available (e.g. U.S. census) or your own (e.g. customer locations) and let us visualize that data with a map on top of which you can track your fleets’ current location.

The options are extensive. Take the simple route to fleet management, or go all in with full customization and advanced data analytics in combination with real time location. Start small and grow big.

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*Android only at this time