Q: Is my location information safe?
A: Yes. We do not sell or otherwise share you data with anyone. The tracked location data for the GDW Live service and mobile app is only used to display the current location at that moment. We do not keep any history on tracked location of any individuals.

Q: How will I be billed?
A: You will recieve an invoice based on the services you choose. First we work out the logistics of your project, and then, once the map is live, regular billing begins.

We use some terminology that may need clarifying. As it relates to the Live GPS tracking service:

events = these are essentially your custom maps w/ the GeoDataWorks Live service. Events can, and most often are, ongoing activities you are looking to track on your custom map. There will be a URL, or web address, associated w/ them that can be sent as a link or bookmarked.

public = these are your maps and events easily visible through the public events category on GeoDataWorks Live or by searching https://GeoData.Works

hidden = these are your custom maps hosted at a unique URL not displayed in any public form. The URL can be freely shared, but people aren’t likely to find this map by accident.

private = these are your maps and events secured behind a non-public, or hidden, URL and requiring username and password to view.

style= think of this as the underlying map for your data and/or live tracking.

event name = what is listed at the top of a GDW Live map page.

event name and menu

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